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What Shopify theme is this e-commerce using? An often asked question... The guessing game is now over. No more sifting through hundreds of Shopify themes to choose the best one.

This Shopify theme finder makes it easy for you to know which one is being used on the store you just visited!

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Make the right choice

Finding a theme that is both fast, ergonomic and suitable for online business is not easy. You will find a selection of Shopify themes with an exceptional quality / price ratio.

No more hesitating between two themes, discover the pleasure of creating a professional store!

Designed for people who don't have the time, this tool is very easy to use and doesn't require any registration to work optimally.

Simply provide the web address of a Shopify store to start the analysis and the detector will do the rest for you.

The next time you need to know which Shopify theme the online store you just visited is using, just use this free Shopify theme detection tool and find out the answer in seconds.

So, which Shopify theme is this site using? Use Shpoify Theme Detector!

Detecting a theme used on a Shopify store is a first step to finding yours.
There are literally hundreds of themes you can adopt from, so the task might not really be easy.

A good place to start is to find a Shopify site you like and check out what theme is being used.

Once you've chosen a Shopify theme, you can start checking how it can fit your needs. Ask yourself the right questions:

  • - What products do you plan to sell?
  • - How many products will you put in your catalog?
  • - What market are you targeting?

Whether you want to get some inspiration or buy a theme you like, some free tools nowadays make it easy to find out the theme of a Shopify store.

There are the same services for WordPress and all other e-commerce solutions, the method is the same, but the tools change.

Here is the only free service to find easily the Shopify theme of a competitor store.

Find a theme with Shopify Theme Detector

To use this Shopify theme detector, you just need the web address of the store you want to analyze. For the example, we will take a little known store: Ly Massage.

Shopify Theme Detector offers you a search bar in which you can enter the address you retrieved before:

We can see here that the theme used by Ly Massage is the Booster Theme in version 2.2.1. Just click on the “Discover Theme” button to quickly find the theme website.

However, some stores use a custom theme, in this case it is impossible to find a result.

In addition to the store theme, free guides are available to provide a basis for improving your strategies and developing your store.

What criteria should I use to choose a theme?

Fortunately, there are not hundreds of criteria to take into account when choosing a theme for your e-commerce store, but the few elements to consider are very important.

The first one is obviously to choose an e-commerce theme. It may sound silly, but some themes’ visuals make you think they are dedicated to a commercial activity, but this is not the case.
So you have to make sure that an e-commerce mention is present.

From my point of view, I also largely favor the user experience when I choose a new theme. It is essential to offer your visitors a well thought out, fluid and ergonomic navigation.

Also look at the applications and features embedded with the theme. Some offer very little but others integrate timers, delivery bars and all the useful marketing features to improve your conversion rate.

This allows you to kill two birds with one stone and avoid paying for expensive Shopify apps every month!

Where to find the best Shopify themes?

There are several platforms to buy high quality Shopify themes that are fast, ergonomic and designed for mobile.

That said, I use only one platform to buy almost all my e-commerce themes, but also WordPress, it’s ThemeForest, a huge bank gathering thousands of exceptional themes. You can also find scripts, audios and graphic resources for your web projects!

Check now the tools and products I use and recommend!

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