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How to use this tool?

This long tail keyword generator will be a great help for all SEOs and webmasters who work on the natural referencing of their website. I'm thinking especially of e-commerce stores that need to know their market inside out. Using this generator is a good starting point to find specific queries with high potential where none of your potential on which none of your competitors are positioned!

Step 1: Enter a generic keyword

The way this tool works is very simple and the first step is to enter a short tail keyword related to your market. For example, if you sell dog collars, you can type "dog collar" in the field and launch the search.

Step 2: Find the right keywords

All the results that are returned to you correspond to real queries typed by users on Google. Pick the ones that seem the most interesting to you and thanks to the selection of complementary SEO tools, discover the potential of each long tail keyword (number of monthly requests, location of searches, etc.).

Step 3: Save the work

You have your future list of keywords to work on, but some don't interest you? You can simply remove them by deleting them. Once you have filtered the results, download the list in CSV format to import it into Excel or Google Sheets. All in 3 clicks!

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